Donate your unique value

Hi, I’m Ilze de Leeuw, founder of the Conscious Custodian Foundation, and I donate me to our would and you.

I have lived my whole life in an existential crises, starting at the age of 13, searching to the meaning and purpose of existence. At 52, i’m still looking, asking, wondering …….

But, I do figure that while I’m on this magnificent planet, even if I don’t have an answer, let me at least be of value. I’m disgusted by what humanity has done to itself, animals and the planet, yet as I am unable do much about being a human for now, and while I’m bobbing around here, let me be a caretaker.

These is no such thing in that people are special, one better than another, but we are unique. Tiny pieces of a bigger puzzle/system and in that context we all matter, as we all affect the global system as whole. The question is: “Are you affecting it positively or negatively.” We are all consumers, but are we conscious consumers of a whole that is temporarily lend to us. We were all hopefully taught that if you borrow something, return it as it was or better.

So, in my personal strive to have my small existence matter, to be of value, I donate me.

My heart, mind and skills to the use and contribution to the whole

I am very privileged to tick the boxes of a life that has been very successful in the fields of sport, motherhood and career. I’ve done it and now can give it outward.

My skills as an systems behavioral analyst led me to facilitate many system thinking strategy designs and maintenance thereof in large corporations. I have worked and coached many top executives and teams.

But, at the end of the day, none of it is Rocket science, rather pure observational logic of systemic equilibrium, whether in an individual, organisation or the world.

If you believe in the same values then join our herd of custodians. I’ll be the glue and coordinator to network, introduce members to each other and share proposed projects for collaboration. Please do not think your ideas are to small, it has to start small as it needs to be original, and original starts at seed level.

Sign up, talk to me, together we will create a network for us as Conscious Custodians

With care